How Jim Wideman Saved My Marriage Part Two: Priorities


Yes I am at it again. This blog dedicated to sharing my journey with going through infuse 7. If you missed the first part of this blog then make sure you read Part One because this will make more sense. Priorities is a huge thing in everything that we do. Everyone has priorities such as: Pastors, Lawyers, Bankers, CEO’S and even Athletes. Our priorities sometimes is what gets us in trouble. When my priorities are out of wack I can feel it in the way that I feel physically and even spiritually. We live our life by priorities and how we spend our time and even money. Priorities is something that can help us conquer everything that we feel that God has for us to conquer. Being with Bro. Jim this is something that we have talked about and he was even challenging us to look over our priorities and see what needs to be changed. As I was given some time to think over what things need to change in my life it was the time that I spend with my wife. This part is going to sound really bad, but it’s true. I have gotten away from going out on dates with my wife or even just giving her cards for no reason just because I was thinking about her. The worst part in the past year I can probably count on one hand how many dates that we have been on.  Brother Jim challenged me to never forget that I need to continue to go after and date my wife. I took the challenge and accepted it and went to my Calendar to write down all of the date nights that My wife and I were going to have throughout the whole year.

When having a mentor this is something that they challenge you to do. They don’t just challenge you in your ministry, but they also challenge you in your families life as well. This is the reason that I decided that I needed a mentor in my life. Someone who is not afraid to challenge me not just in the ministry that God has given me, but the most important job that I have that is my family.

Once again if you haven’t checked out Infuse by Jim Wideman just click the link below. I hope and pray that you will find that someone in your life that can be that mentor in your life. My time with infuse has been great and very rewarding and will help propel me to be everything that God has called me to be.



Never Cease To Amaze

This week in Kid’s church it was a mad house it seemed like random things that could happen did happen. We had pre-school teachers looking for things and my wife helped aid in the search for missing items. So there I was ready to lead worship (which is a scary thought) The first song that we sang our kids honored God with there worship and the roof was being raised through our worship and it was the most amazing sight you could ever see.

It makes me think about when you have put in the time prepared and relied on fully on God he won’t disappoint he will show you who he is and make your service go flawless. Usually when my Sunday’s are built on craziness I get uptight and trying to make things happen, but this time I took a deep breath prayed and put it in his hands.

I believe that’s what God want’s in our lives is to take a deep breath and put everything in his hands when we do that he will take care of rest.

I hope that you all have a great week and just remember that God is always sitting on the throne.