What’s Your Holy Discontent?

As I look at getting my blog up and running again here is a post from a few years ago  The book was called Holy Discontent.  We all struggle with Discontent in our lives, but is your discontent coming from a holy place? It is a challenging read and I would encourage anyone to read it. The book shares several different stories of other people’s life who have reached this Discontent in the world and rather then complain about it they acted on it. One of my favorite stories was about Mother Theresa and how she found her Holy Discontent.

Lets look at what Discontent means: Discontent:  lack of contentment, as with one’s condition or lot in life.

We associate Discontent with a bad thing, but deep down there is a Discontent that God has placed in our hearts. You can ignore it or you can do something about it. One of my best friends has been feeding his Holy Discontent to reach out to people in another country. It’s amazing when I get to talk to him about what God is doing because  he chose to go and love on the people who might not get loved on, fight for their hearts and win and see God do miracles because he chose to Go.

The other side of discontent you have to be careful of is the discontent that makes you complain about where you are at, want things that may not line up with the heart of God.I challenge you this morning, afternoon or evening to write down your Holy Discontent and see where it takes you. Pray and ask God to guide you to be able to do something about this Discontent that he has given you to make a difference in the world today.


Half Day In Haiti…

We landed in Haiti at about four this afternoon and we were headed out to the orphanages and the one thing that stuck out o me was the affection that these kids were lifting up there hands begging you to pick them up.

Everyday I see my kids and kiss on them, but the kids the I loved on and hugged, fist bumped, high-fived don’t get that affirmation or the attention every single day, but they have the prettiest smiles when they see you. It feels like you are a shunning ray of hope coming into their lives.

We have a full schedule tomorrow, but I never knew that you could fall in love with the people or even a country ad quickly as I have fallen for these kids here in Haiti.

Thank you for your prayers…

Haiti Trip

Well I am boarding the plane to Haiti excited about what God is going to show me through this experience. Everyone keeps askin me what I am going to do there and my reply is that I have no clue.

Before we boarded the plan the only thing that I was made aware of is the fact that we will be heading out to some orphanages before we get to our house that we are staying at.

Excited and a little nervous, but I know that God is my protector.

Weird…. What Are You Afraid Of?

Once a month we have a missions spotlight where we look at missionaries that are doing something overseas or even in our own backyard of the United States. Then we take up an offering for missions. This past week I challenged all of our kids to give to missions I gave them a goal that they could reach, but with that goal I gave out incentives such as to shave half my beard if they raise a certain amount of money. One of the comments were “Well you will look WEIRD.”

So this is the whole point to my writing this blog have we been teaching our kids in our society to continue to be like everyone else, act like everyone else, and dress like everyone else. Are we afraid of going out on a limb and being who God created us to be and do what he told us to do, but instead of doing that we have limited ourselves to being just normal.

As I look through the bible the guy who I love would be John the Baptist now talking about a guy who was weird this would be the defination of that. He ate locust and honey, dressed in camel hair or anything else he could get his hands on. He didn’t speak to people and give them a cookie cutter type of message he spoke from the word and was not afraid of what would happen. He baptized Jesus and in the end was killed, but the thing that I love about John was that he obviously was not afraid to stick out, but he love the Lord and did it with everything that he had.

So here is the point that I am trying to make let’s not be so consumed with being like everyone else because we then are telling the creator that we don’t like what he created, but most importantly God has a special plan for our lives and he created us for that so lets not get strung up on looking like everyone else and lets focus on the obedience of our creator and what his plan for our life is. In the end we will never meet the standards of people around us because there will always be something that we can’t match up too.

Desserts & Missions…

This past Sunday we had our very own church picnic and although we had a lot of different things going on such as bbq, pony rides, horse shoes, pool and everything that you can imagine. Just think your on this dude ranch with room to really just run around. We even had a dessert auction and all the money raised would go to missions for our children’s department. You never know what you are going to get as my wife and I was hitting the phones seeing if people would bake any cakes and I was blowing up twitter and facebook trying to get the word out that we needed pies, cookies, brownies and anything else that you wanted to bake. So here are a few things that I learned about having a dessert auction:

1. Not everyone is going to let you know that they are going to bake something

2. You need to have a good upfront / auctioneer to get the crowd going

3. You also need people to work the crowd and get them to bid up

4. No worries on how much money you spend it’s all going to missions.

5. Laugh at the people who are purposely driving up the bids in order for other people to bid higher.

We did have a good time with our dessert auction even though it was kind of tough trying to make sure that we had enough desserts for the auction we raised over $1500 for missions so no worries. In the End it was all worth it.

Missions: Everyone Wants To Be Apart

I have been thinking about our recent missions project called “boxes of hope” that got everyone involved and hearing the feedback from them was great. Here a few things that was mentioned about our recent project.

1.I didn’t think that I could be involved, but I looked at the list and thought man this is easy. Thank you for letting me get involved

2. Kids running up to me excited about there boxes that they filled up and giving to kids that they have never met.

3. I actually got a phone call asking permission for their kids to tape the boxes because they were so excited about filling up it up that they might have filled it a little too full.

Missions is a great thing and we need to teach everyone especially our kids that every little bit counts and that is the only thing that matters. You don’t have to go over seas to do a missions trip, but going to your next door neighbor and helping them out matters as well.

Missions: Teaching Your Kids About Missions

In recent days we have seen some horrible storms and you cannot ignore what the news is reporting about all of the disaster that the state of Alabama has encountered. In the back of my mind I have been trying to figure out what we could do to help the people of Alabama and what could our kids and parents do together?

Yesterday I came across a blog put out by a women who is doing something for the kids of Alabama and has put together a great idea on what families can do to help the kids that have been affected by the storms. It’s called “Boxes of Hope.” It’s really quick and easy to do , but the most important thing it’s a great way to explain missions to your kids. Sometimes we just need not to think, but to do and that’s what we did at our church. Yeah I am giving our people only a week to take home a box and fill it up and return it, but I think that sometimes you just have to be called into action no matter how short of a notice that you might receive. In the words of my best friends who is a missionary says “the difference where I am at and what goes on in America we have an idea and do it when you guys have an idea you try and plan every detail.”

I will end my blog with a famous line from the movie Robots “see a need fill a need”