How Jim Wideman Saved My Marriage Part Two: Priorities


Yes I am at it again. This blog dedicated to sharing my journey with going through infuse 7. If you missed the first part of this blog then make sure you read Part One because this will make more sense. Priorities is a huge thing in everything that we do. Everyone has priorities such as: Pastors, Lawyers, Bankers, CEO’S and even Athletes. Our priorities sometimes is what gets us in trouble. When my priorities are out of wack I can feel it in the way that I feel physically and even spiritually. We live our life by priorities and how we spend our time and even money. Priorities is something that can help us conquer everything that we feel that God has for us to conquer. Being with Bro. Jim this is something that we have talked about and he was even challenging us to look over our priorities and see what needs to be changed. As I was given some time to think over what things need to change in my life it was the time that I spend with my wife. This part is going to sound really bad, but it’s true. I have gotten away from going out on dates with my wife or even just giving her cards for no reason just because I was thinking about her. The worst part in the past year I can probably count on one hand how many dates that we have been on.  Brother Jim challenged me to never forget that I need to continue to go after and date my wife. I took the challenge and accepted it and went to my Calendar to write down all of the date nights that My wife and I were going to have throughout the whole year.

When having a mentor this is something that they challenge you to do. They don’t just challenge you in your ministry, but they also challenge you in your families life as well. This is the reason that I decided that I needed a mentor in my life. Someone who is not afraid to challenge me not just in the ministry that God has given me, but the most important job that I have that is my family.

Once again if you haven’t checked out Infuse by Jim Wideman just click the link below. I hope and pray that you will find that someone in your life that can be that mentor in your life. My time with infuse has been great and very rewarding and will help propel me to be everything that God has called me to be.



How Jim Wideman Saved My Marriage: Having A Mentor

ImageOkay this title might be a little extreme. My marriage was never in trouble, but I had this thought the other day when I was asked by my wife to do something. My wife was swamped with things she was picking up my daughter from her pre-school and had other things on her to do list that she needed to get done so she called me and asked me to pick up my son from school. Now before you ask yourself what is the big deal with this you just go and pickup your son and be done, but the problem is I have truly forgotten to pick him up before and our school has called the house wondering where we were at. (Insert Terrible Dad Award) Who forgets to pick up their child from school (This Guy Did.) It wasn’t just one time, but twice. After she asked me I stopped what I was doing went to my phone and added it to my calendar, but knowing me I would still forget so what did I do? I put three calendar reminders for me. One at the 60 min mark another one at the 30 min mark and finally the last one at the 15 min mark. The last one for sure is the one that you better go by this one or else. I had my mentor Bro. Jim in my head reminding me that my brain was not to be for remembering, but it was for creativity.

After I went to the extreme of making sure that my calendar was complete with all of the reminders I was good to go. As I got busy I heard the first alarm go off knowing that I still had time the second alarm went off then finally after the third one I walked out of the door to pick up my son. As I was at the school my wife sent me a text asking me if I was there? I looked at the text with a smirk on my face replying Yes then followed by the thought of the title of this blog.

For the past several months I have been challenged and had even made life long friends going through the Infuse group that Jim Wideman has provided. I have wanted to join for a long time, but was very nervous about it knowing that I was going to be asked to grow and to be challenged in my approach to change things in my personal life as well as my professional life. in order to grow in as the leader that God sees that I can become.

I will leave you with this parting thought. I would encourage everyone to make time to go and check out this amazing resource that Jim Wideman is providing. Spending time with Jim I have bee able to really see the heart that he has to help the next generation leader. His passion to continue to make a difference has been very impactful in my own life and has helped me view ministry in a different lens. I know for sure that this will help you become a much better leader and help you grow into your position or even help take you as a leader and show you how God created you and how to lead in your ministry