Kids Camp Day 2


It’s about 11:46 p.m. and I am just thinking about the days event. I have been saying this for awhile I truly believe that God has something amazing to tell the kids that came to camp. Some of our kids were tired the girl dorm lost AC last night and there fire alarm kept beeping. After a call to the Deans one box fan for the whole cabin an a new battery for the fire alarm the girls finally got to try to sleep about 1:30 a.m.

We went to service tonight and it was great we had several kids go up for prayer for the hurts in their lives, anger issues and also for God to do something in their lives. We ha kids giving things at the altar. I was puzzled at the fact that some of our kids as we worshipped were quick to sit down, but they were still wanting God to do something in their lives. After the service I gathered our kids together and felt the lord placed something in my heart for those kids and this is what I said:

“Cast all your cares on Jesus.

We need to give it to God.

We all have a decision to make this week of camp some of you guys have something special you want God to do in your lives, but before he can do something in your life you shut if off. You sit down or talk right before God can do something in your life.

If I wanted a class of water can I just wish for it to come into my hands? No I have to get up and get a glass of water and pour me some water. That’s kind of the same things with God we have to go after him and ask and not stop until he pour something out in our lives.

Some of you are going into 6th grade and you need to make a decision for Christ and go after him.

Some of you have to give God your language. The things that come out of your mouths don’t uplift God.

The third decision you have to make is to go after God with everything that you’ve got am let him do something amazing in your life.”

I finished by challenging the kids before they go to bed they need to ask God and listen to what wants to do in their lives.

Thank you everyone for praying for us.



Kids Camp Day 1



As I am sitting in bed I can still here the whispers of excited kids that are excited about the next four days of camp.

As the speaker spoke on 1 John 4:19 “We love because he first loved us.” we have kids from all walks of lives some come from blended families, single parents and kids whose parents Are still married. No matter what the outcome in their lives I want all of are kids to realize God loves them.

So here is my prayer for them to realize God wants a relationship with them and wants to show them his love through his word.

Tomorrow we are going to wake up a little earlier to have devotions before we go to breakfast. Thank you all for praying for us.

What Your Kids Learned At Camp


As parents you are always wanting to know hat your kids learned at camp, Sunday school, school, VBS and the list goes. So this is what your kids learned this week at camp andy prayer is that you will take this list and talk with your kids about the things that they have learned this week.

1. why is God important?

We learned that God Is important because he died for us, but most importantly we learned that we need to ask forgiveness for our sins because God is the only way who can take away our sins

2. What do I do when I am afraid?

We learned that our heavenly father is there for us in our time of need. He is there to give us strength, peace, hope and love.

3. Obeying God

Okay I really can’t remember what the big question was for tonight, but I remember we talked about obeying God and give into the direction that he leads us in. Not swaying from Gods direction and plan for our lives. In the end go and be directed by God.

My goal for this post is to get you as the parents and spiritual leaders in your home to go and takes these big questions and connect with your kids throughout the coming weeks and talk to your kids all about their camp experience. Ask your kids some of the bug questions you will be blown away by how much they picked up this week.

How To Make The Camp Experience Last


I have been thinking about this subject on how do we take our camp experience and make it more then that. Here are a few thing that I want to encourage you with.

1. Encourage your child by talking about their camp experience with you.

We usually see life change for a few weeks, but every kid is going to struggle with a bad mood or even a attitude problem. Encourage them by sitting down with them and continue to talk about their camp experience.

2. Talk with them about their favorite part of service.

We all say what was your favorite part of camp of course they are going to say the water slides, blob, cliff jumping (okay we really don’t go cliff jumping) but see what they enjoyed about service and talk with them about that.

3. Pray over them about what God did at camp.

This should be number one, but I am not going in any specific order. God did do something at camp in their lives and pray over them continually for God to make it evident to you that one thing that God did do. It might be a small thing or it might be a huge thing.

These are three things that I believe will help you go from your camp experience and make it a whole lifestyle change.

Kids Camp Day 1


Our church took five 5-7 year olds to camp this year and once you get past the ten thousand questions that they ask you and the randomness of their comments you can see just a little glimpse of what God is doing in their lives. The picture up top is a picture of one of our kids worshipping God. It’s so sincere and pure that its the most beautiful thing to watch.

The question for today is why is God important? Are kids do a great job of telling me why God is important. The speaker did a great illustration that really peeked the girls attention last nite and it was about dressing up and what you can learn about that. She had three different outfits and three different poles that she hung her outfits on. She talked all about how we are suppose to get rid of sin and she tried to get rid of her sin by these three outfits. The first outfit was a doctors outfit and she tried to put a bandage on her sin, but that didn’t work then she puts on a magician cape on and tries to make it disappear, but to her dismay that didn’t work either. Finally she gets on a karate outfit then tries to break up the sin. She then takes three smaller poles out then places them on the poles standing up vertically making a cross. she then starts talking about how Jesus died on the cross for our sins and how the sinner to the left asked for forgiveness. it was a great illustration. Here is the picture below.


Kids Camp is always great and God can speak into the lives of your kids through sermons just like this.

Kids Camp: Why I Love It Part Two

This is the second part to my series of why I love kids camp. The thing that I love besides the services that we have for our kids is the time before we go to bed and no it’s not because the kids are actually going to bed, but it’s because this is the time that I use to talk to the kids in my cabin about the service that they just got back from. A lot of times it’s not just my kids that are in the cabins, but it’s other kids from other churches that are in the cabins as well. This is probably one of my favorite times as a counselor. As we talk about the service there is also one more thing that I love to do and that is to end the night with a story not just any story, but a story that is fit just for boys. Last year I told the story of the “Riddle of the Outlaw Bear” by John Leeper. Since we are only at camp for four days I split the story into four parts. The thing that I love about doing this is I get their undivided attention as I talk about the service and I read them the story. I always finish the night with saying a prayer over all the kids and then sending them off to bed. One thing that I have found is that our kids started to look forward to the story. Not every kid gets someone to come in there room and wish them good night and sweet dreams, but this is just a way for me to connect with my kids as well as other kids and speak into there lives because in the end that’s why we do it. This is why I love camp.

Kids Camp: Why I love it Part One

Kids Camp: Why I love It Part One

So this week I am going to designate the next few blog posts on the reason why I love camp. I will start off with the reason why I go to camp in the first place. Kids camp is a great time for our kids in children’s church to get away from the pressure of their home life, forget about whose house they are going to this week and get away from the other activities such as video games and spend some time away from that all and let God work in their lives. In the past six years I have gone to three different Assembly of God camps some very good experiences and some horrible experiences, but the outcome is so overwhelming to see God work in the lives of the kids.

This is the first reason why I love camp is that God works in mysterious ways in the lives of the kids. We start the journey off with kids not knowing what God is going to do in their lives and we always come back with kids so amped up to tell their parents what God has done at their week of camp. This is why I love camp. I remember the first church that I served at we were driving home with crazy excited kids waiting to tell their parents what God has done in their lives. As we parked the vans we had kids barreling out of the vans and I remember we had a 6th grade girl run to her mom and tell her everything that God has done in her life and with tears coming down the face of the mother excited about her daughters new found relationship with God as well as her being filled with the Holy Spirit. This is why I love Camp…