Resources Why Wait!

I figured I would put some resources on my page that I think are pretty good and that you should check out. If there are any other resources that I don’t have that you think are good as well I will post them here.

Free Curriculum that is high quality. I love what they do here and give you quality curriculum for free, but you have to create an open account. Check it out.

Free Curriculum again… Chuch on the move has some pretty good curriculum of high quality. The message downloads give you plenty of room to make it your own and still produce great quality for your children ministries

This basically is a facebook page for children’s pastors that you can get tons of ideas from. Check it out and sign up you will not regret it.

The Orange Leaders website has so much there such as: blog, Orange exchange, Orange-Apedia, Job Board and so much more. Check it out.

Are you looking for a great magazine that would help you out in your ministries. The K Magazine is written by children’s leaders and is packed full of new and fresh Ideas that will help you in any aspect of your ministry.


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