11 years ago I started my first ministry position at the ripe ole age of 23. I thought I knew it all and I was ready to take on the world of ministry. I knew all the right answers and I knew how to do everything possible to grow the minstry that God has allowed me to serve in.  I was going to tackle ministry and be awesome while doing it. I look back 11 years later realizing I was missing some important lessons.  I sat in this session about “Followership”. The presenter was Ricky Spindler he has been at one church and has served under one pastor straight out of college. He goes into what it means to Follow and how we do this as ministers. I hope you enjoy.

The one who guards a fig tree will eat its fruit, and whoever protects their master will be honored. Proverbs 27:18

As a young leader… how will you gain influence, authority, and favor among both your peers and those who you follow?  Becoming a strong follower is a key component to becoming a strong leader! Without it… you will trip and fall and will learn the hard way rather than through wisdom.  Here are some key components to followership.  Leading yourself is crucial to ever being able to lead others. 

When an Instruction is given follow through now; debrief later.

Develop the character of follow-thru.

Perform at a high level for a consistent time before you get influence. 

Performance = Permission

Never verbalize your Frustration with the process in front of other team members

Loyalty publicly will give you influence privately.

People will always try to divide your loyalties when people give you Praise

Thank You, Praise God, Praise Senior Leadership.

Promote team not just yourself. 

Don’t confuse your insights with Moral imperatives (don’t assume you are always right; humble vs. arrogant)

Give your leaders a voice in your life: In turn gives you a voice in their life.

Relieves tension overall: Make yourself teachable.

How many questions over statements do you ask / Give.

How many questions are you asking vs. just stating your opinion.

Are you collaborative or an arrogant solo player. 

Humbleness mixed with talent is GOLD. 

Know everything about you leader. Ask “How can I help you?” Serve them. 

Every time I complain give = amount of time in prayer. 

If you don’t learn to lead Under, you probably won’t have as many opportunities to lead over.

* Be the model employee

* Be engaged 

* Be in front

* Give compliments in 25 seconds of meeting: Compliment Staff, Team.

* We are all sowing seed: You will reap what you sow

* Check the things you do for your organization

When you can’t follow then it’s time to get off the TEAM or it’s time to get over yourself. 

If you are constantly being led into frustration are you being led to leave.

The difference between the good and the Great = Difficult Discussion

Error on the side of staying too long rather then leaving to early (within balance).

Every day is a learning opportunity. Take advantage of today.

As you are following your Leader waht is one thing you feel the Holy Spirit speaking to you about what you need to work on?


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