Renew Yourself Part Two

Last week I shared with you all my thoughts on renewing yourself and where you can start. If you missed it you can read it right here: Renew yourself today.

This week I want to dive deeper into Renewing yourself.  Renew yourself through your bible reading. It’s pretty sad to say this but as of lately my bible reading had been pretty poor and I could see that affected my mind, heart and soul. I sometime find it hard to just read the bible. I want to study something or have a goal, but the other day I got on and started to puruse through the bible reading plans and as I was going through the the plans the two that caught my attention was the prayers of Jesus then the second one I found was on Psalm & Proverb. The other cool thing that I noticed about this bible software was that you can set reminders on your phone from the software on your phone to remind you to read your readings for the day. The second thing that I loike about this software is that you can see how much you have accomplished.

Renewing yourself through your bible reading is just the first step that you can take to renewing yourself in ministry and even in life. By starting the process of Renewing yourself you are beginning to seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit by listening to him and being reflective as you read. This also helps you to better hear the voice of God.

So I tell you again this week evaluate yourself and ask yourself the question how’s my attitude? Am I into the word? How’s my prayer life? This will help you figure out if you need to renew yourself back to your calling. I want to remind you of a scripture verse to put away Matthew 25:37 “Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’


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