Weird…. What Are You Afraid Of?

Once a month we have a missions spotlight where we look at missionaries that are doing something overseas or even in our own backyard of the United States. Then we take up an offering for missions. This past week I challenged all of our kids to give to missions I gave them a goal that they could reach, but with that goal I gave out incentives such as to shave half my beard if they raise a certain amount of money. One of the comments were “Well you will look WEIRD.”

So this is the whole point to my writing this blog have we been teaching our kids in our society to continue to be like everyone else, act like everyone else, and dress like everyone else. Are we afraid of going out on a limb and being who God created us to be and do what he told us to do, but instead of doing that we have limited ourselves to being just normal.

As I look through the bible the guy who I love would be John the Baptist now talking about a guy who was weird this would be the defination of that. He ate locust and honey, dressed in camel hair or anything else he could get his hands on. He didn’t speak to people and give them a cookie cutter type of message he spoke from the word and was not afraid of what would happen. He baptized Jesus and in the end was killed, but the thing that I love about John was that he obviously was not afraid to stick out, but he love the Lord and did it with everything that he had.

So here is the point that I am trying to make let’s not be so consumed with being like everyone else because we then are telling the creator that we don’t like what he created, but most importantly God has a special plan for our lives and he created us for that so lets not get strung up on looking like everyone else and lets focus on the obedience of our creator and what his plan for our life is. In the end we will never meet the standards of people around us because there will always be something that we can’t match up too.


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