Wins of Vacation Bible School…

This past week since everyone is out of the office except for me holding down the fort. I have been thinking about last week as we finished the month of July with our annual VBS. This year it was different from the people, attitude and the environment around us. I live in the metroplex with some very large churches around us. It seems everyone does Group Publishing, Standard Publishing and Lifeway. Since we are the last VBS in the area I wanted to do something different and after last year I knew that we needed to make changes in order to get some wins for this year.

This year I decided to do Jump from Think Orange. I figured that this would be a great resource to us because nobody around would be using it and it would be fresh for the kids that come to several different VBS in our area. So here are some new things that we did for this year:

1. Online Registration

2. Put out our VBS banner sooner (Beginning of June)

3. Took out an add for 2 months

As we we were looking at our online registration we had over eighty kids signed up so just on number alone this was a huge win. As we got on with our week we had so many wins and it wasn’t just kids being ministered too. Here are some things that happened throughout the week and some wins that we saw as a church:

1. Over 141 kids were ministered too

2. Small Group Leader gave a child his first bible

3. Child we had who hated God & the Church prayed over the snack

4. Dad came in broken & we were able to minister to him through prayer

5. Small Group Leaders can’t stop talking about how blessed they were

6. Leaders excited about what God was doing through the children’s ministries

7. Kids gave their small group leaders gifts

8. Small group leaders gave their kids gifts & invested in them

9 11 kids committed their life to Jesus Christ

10. We brought in 10 kids from a nearby apartment complex in the area

11. Had parents comment on how this was the best VBS around

I guess I could go on forever. God did so much in the lives of all of our kids as well as adults. God did so much in the lives of every it was truly amazing as to what God did in the lives of kids.


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