Book Review: Kdmin Leadership

The first thing that I want to tell everyone is that I love twitter… I have won at least three books of twitter which really excites me. Okay so last month I won the book Kdmin Leadership a book that was not only written by Jim Wideman, but was also written by ten other leaders that he has mentored for the past two years in his infuse group. I will give you links to all of the information at the end of this blog.

Here is the thing about this book I thought that it was written well and by different leaders and different perspectives they touched on everything that I believe that we have all gone through or even might go through. The biggest thing that I enjoyed about it was that every leader pointed what they have learned back to scripture no matter what they were going through or have gone through it all lined up with scripture. The different leaders that wrote in this book wasn’t just thirty year veterans, but people who have been serving for 5, 10 and even 12 years. It was not only a great read, but it was a very productive read as well.

I read through the whole book, but after I finished I thought how can I maximize what’s in this book and you could also read a chapter once a week and let the chapter and the words or even the scriputre marniate in your head for awhile before you move onto the next chapter. As you soak it up ask God for what he wants to show you through the chapters and how you can change the things that you need to change.

Overall I enjoyed the book and am excited about the future of books like this that hasn’t been written by one author, but many other authors that can help bring the perspective on every level. Thank you Jim Wideman for putting out material for leaders that we all can learn from and become better leaders in the long run.

Here are those links:



Kdmin Leadership


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