A Steady Diet Of Donuts And Cholocate Milk…

Have you ever tried to lose weight with a steady died of chocolate donuts and chocolate milk? How do you think your weight loss will do with having this as your steady diet? I think… No I Know with a shadow of a doubt that you will not lose weight, but you will gain weight from this steady diet. It’s like going to McDonald’s and ordering your meal and getting the BIGEE size, but then ordering a diet coke like the diet coke will do anything… You might be asking yourself how does this have anything to do with children’s ministries well here it goes…

As I was talking to some of our fifth graders the other week we just got done talking about having Amazing Faith. As we were talking the conversation started going down to what our favorite television shows are and on the list of shows was pretty little liars… Okay by the name alone I know that this is not a very wholesome show, but as I probed a little bit I asked do you think that this show will help you have amazing faith? The response was, but I watch Christian Television too? (insert nervous laughter)

Here’s the bottom line as a parent I love my kids, but I need to care for their spiritual life as well. I need to give them a steady diet of devotions, prayer, daddy & mommy time. I need to give my kids a great example of what a Godly man looks like for both my son and daughter. My wife needs to give them a great example of what a godly woman / wife looks like and we also need to make our family a loving environment that will foster spiritual growth in the long run. So I am giving my kids a healthy diet of what Christianity looks like rather then giving them a glimpse of trash that is on the television and letting them watch that for hours, but then give them a 1 hr dose of christian television.


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