Are You The Best Leader?

So my thought for today is do you think you are the best leader you can possibly be? If I were to answer this the answer would probably be a resounding NO! I recently received a book in the mail this past week called kdmin leadership written by Jim Wideman along with twelve other children pastors from his infuse group. I have seriously only made it through the first two chapters and already feel challenged as I look at my life as a leader and ask the question am I the best leader I can be?

The best thing about this book is that it’s written by children’s leaders who are in the thick of things and have learned valuable leadership lessons through the process of ministering to children, but also having added to their learning by joining the infuse group hosted by Jim Wideman. I really think that this book is one of the best leadership books out there.

If I were you and you are in children’s ministries then I would go out and get this book and even buy it for your leadership team. This is a must read and should be put high on your reading list. I am sure that i will post more about this book as I dig a little deeper in the book.


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