What Your Kids Learned At Camp


As parents you are always wanting to know hat your kids learned at camp, Sunday school, school, VBS and the list goes. So this is what your kids learned this week at camp andy prayer is that you will take this list and talk with your kids about the things that they have learned this week.

1. why is God important?

We learned that God Is important because he died for us, but most importantly we learned that we need to ask forgiveness for our sins because God is the only way who can take away our sins

2. What do I do when I am afraid?

We learned that our heavenly father is there for us in our time of need. He is there to give us strength, peace, hope and love.

3. Obeying God

Okay I really can’t remember what the big question was for tonight, but I remember we talked about obeying God and give into the direction that he leads us in. Not swaying from Gods direction and plan for our lives. In the end go and be directed by God.

My goal for this post is to get you as the parents and spiritual leaders in your home to go and takes these big questions and connect with your kids throughout the coming weeks and talk to your kids all about their camp experience. Ask your kids some of the bug questions you will be blown away by how much they picked up this week.


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