Kids Camp Day 1


Our church took five 5-7 year olds to camp this year and once you get past the ten thousand questions that they ask you and the randomness of their comments you can see just a little glimpse of what God is doing in their lives. The picture up top is a picture of one of our kids worshipping God. It’s so sincere and pure that its the most beautiful thing to watch.

The question for today is why is God important? Are kids do a great job of telling me why God is important. The speaker did a great illustration that really peeked the girls attention last nite and it was about dressing up and what you can learn about that. She had three different outfits and three different poles that she hung her outfits on. She talked all about how we are suppose to get rid of sin and she tried to get rid of her sin by these three outfits. The first outfit was a doctors outfit and she tried to put a bandage on her sin, but that didn’t work then she puts on a magician cape on and tries to make it disappear, but to her dismay that didn’t work either. Finally she gets on a karate outfit then tries to break up the sin. She then takes three smaller poles out then places them on the poles standing up vertically making a cross. she then starts talking about how Jesus died on the cross for our sins and how the sinner to the left asked for forgiveness. it was a great illustration. Here is the picture below.


Kids Camp is always great and God can speak into the lives of your kids through sermons just like this.


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