The Eve of Kids Camp…

It was the eve of Kids camp and all through the house not a creature was stirring….. Alright whoever said that on the eve of Christmas nobody was stirring is lying and also on the Eve of Camp as well. I can feel the excitement not only in the kids, but also in me as well. I absolutely love camp it’s a great time for kids to get away from the everyday and let God do something great in their life. I have seen the lives of kids changed because of what God was doing at camp.

Since social networking has come to be a big player in many lives especially mine. I have tried to us that to help me spread the news at what God is doing at camp. I usually write a letter to the parents letting them know about my twitter account so that if they wanted too they can get on the internet look up the web address and see what is going on at camp, but this year I am going a step further. Lucky for me since using a smartphone once the droid now I am using the iphone there is an app called Groupme. I heard of this app from Sam Luce on his blog. If you haven’t read his blog go and check it out. This app is basically what it says it is it sends out mass text messages to all the people in the group rather then doing it individually.

Tonight I am holding a meeting for all my parents that are coming to camp with me and we are going to hand out all the paperwork that they need to fill out, but then I am going to have a sign up sheet with their name and phone number. Throughout the week I am going to text the people in one text message what God is doing at camp, prayer request, fun updates, etc. etc. etc… I want our parents to feel like they are at camp and what God is doing there so that they are in the loop, but also they can be praying for all the kids at camp.

I am also going to be using my twitter account which is so if you wanna follow then feel free.

What are you doing to keep parents in the loop while your away at camp?


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