Change…Watch Your Mouth

I once heard a story of this church that after every service one sing this one particular song and through the years they continued to do the same thing they did twenty years ago. They would sing the song, but before they began to sing they would turn towards the left side of the wall and sing. One day this church had a visitor and the visitor noticed that everyone turned towards the left side of the wall so this man asked a member in the church and he didn’t know so they asked another person and he didn’t know so finally they asked another person, but this time it was and elder in the church and as they asked him why everyone turns to the left side of the wall to sing the song. The elder responded that at one time the song was painted on the wall and so they turned to read the word.

Okay this is a pretty extreme thing and hopefully there is not a church out there that really sings a song and turns to a certain side of the church, but what I am trying to say is that we can’t do the same thing over and over and over because it tends to get old, but eventually with every great idea it loses some steam so we need to change and continue to reevaluate our programs and continue to freshen things up. What happens when we don’t reevaluate our programs:

1. They can lose effectiveness

2. Lose purpose

3. Lose Steam

4. Lose Volunteers

5. Lose Creativity

These are some things that happens when we don’t continue to look at the product that we are giving out to the people in our church and this can also raise to a bigger problem which is the people don’t want to change and are very resistant to the change that we start to provide to the ministry. Go out and evaluate things and make sure that you are putting together a good quality of ministry to the kids that you love.


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